Deluxe Catnip Sampler Pack

  • Deluxe Catnip Sampler Pack

A 5 pack of my ultra-potent catnip blends for the discerning catnip enthusiast. High quality drugs for high quality felines!

Contains one 1/4 ounce pack of each:
Stray Cat Chronic (pure catnip)
Alley Cat Amnesia (catnip + silvervine blend)
Feral Reefer (catnip + valerian blend)
Laughing Grass (catnip + lemongrass blend)
Honeysuckle Hydro (catnip + honeysuckle blend)

*Packaging is not a cat toy, so like...don't let your cat eat plastic.

Every month, a portion of proceeds from The Catnip Dispensary is donated to animal advocates and rescues like those linked HERE.