Meet The Team

Erica Danger, the gal behind The Catnip Dispensary

Hi, I'm Erica Danger! My pronouns are she/they, and I'm a designer, maker, and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Aside from the team members below, The Catnip Dispensary is a one-person show! Everything in my shop was designed by me, and I screenprint, heatpress, sew, stuff, and/or blend every item, too. I'm also the one packing up your orders and shipping them out, with extra goodies tucked in for everyone! :)

The Catnip Dispensary is a creative outlet for me, a vehicle for some subtle and not-so-subtle political messaging, and, most importantly, a means to fund the rescue work that I do: fostering cats and kittens, practicing TNR, and volunteering with a number of rescue-focused organizations in the Bay Area and beyond.

I'm also a big stickler for making sure I use high-quality, ethical, and eco-friendly materials and practices. I'll be adding more about the materials and ingredients I use soon, so check back! 

In the meantime, you can also check out my photography at

Thanks for shopping small and supporting the cats! 
- Erica  >^..^<


Miss Mou
Vice President of Operations 
Miss Mou joined our team in 2007. She oversees both administrative and personnel operations, including strategy, QA, and our employee training program. She's old, cranky, and actually pretty terrible at her job, but she has tenure, so what can you do?

Reverend Doctor Silky Nutmeg Ganache (aka "Little One" and "Tortellini")
Director of Design and Production
Nutmeg has been with the company since 2023. She supervises all facets of both design and production. Really, she literally looks over my shoulder or watches my process from my lap. She has no technical expertise, but her delegation skills are top notch.

Product Tester (Temporary Seasonal Worker)

Gigi Goode
Product Tester (Temporary Seasonal Worker)

All "Temporary Seasonal Workers" are foster cats and kittens available for adoption through Feral Change.
Contact adoptions [at] if you're interested in adopting!